Sound space for Industrial noise now and in the future

Invited paper

Rein Bruinsma

Royal HaskoningDHV

Monday 1 june, 2015, 11:20 - 11:40

0.8 Rome (118)

In the Netherlands, the industrial noise of companies on industrial estates is assessed cumulatively. In the assessment it is not allowed to include a contingency for future sound to be produced by lots that are currently empty, or for companies with relatively low licensed sound space. This makes the management of the sound space a difficult issue. It often happens that there are still issuable areas with insufficient sound space. In the Netherlands, we are working on a solution to this in different ways. Anticipating change in legislation in 2018 (the Dutch Environment and planning Act), a noise distribution plan can be anchored in the zoning. Thus, the available sound space can still be managed and reserved sound space can be secured. In this paper it will be explained, on the basis of specific examples, how this can be done. Also, suggestions will be given for improvement for the future regulation of industrial noise in the Dutch Environment and planning Act, compared to the existing plans for this (Swung II). There are rightly considerable complains on the now existing regulation of industrial noise, even though It has given our country a significant increase in well-being. In its present form it is not a good example for other countries, but after a thorough revision it might be!

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