Overhead stage canopies – case studies

Invited paper

Tadeusz Kamisinski

AGH University of Science and Technology

Monday 1 june, 2015, 16:00 - 16:20

0.9 Athens (118)

Proper transmission of the sound from the stage to the audience is one of the main tasks of room acoustics. Very important is also to provide good acoustics comfort on the stage by reflecting some of the acoustic energy back to the sound source. It is possible if some reflectors properly situated near the stage are used. The overhead stage canopies are commonly used, as their parameters could be relatively easily controlled using simple theoretical relations. Moreover, their position could be adapted according to the requirements of the sound source and receivers. In the paper, the authors analyzed three rooms where overstage canopies were installed. All measurements were compared with simulations made in Catt- Acoustic software and analytical calculation. Apart from ISO 3382 parameters, also some spatial parameters were obtained using Soundfield microphone. In Capitol Theater in Wrocław the impact of the overhead stage canopies on the room’s acoustic parameters was analyzed. In the Łódź Philharmonic stage parameters were measured for different height of the stage canopy. Variete Theater was analyzed to verify the effectiveness of developed by authors wide band canopy. Summing up the results, it can be proved, that simulation and calculation give values with proper accuracy with used measurement method.

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