Phonobloc® rail track – in-situ tested low noise barriers in platform-design made of concrete

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Gerald Lanz

Kirchdorfer Fertigteilholding GmbH

Monday 1 june, 2015, 15:00 - 15:20

0.2 Berlin (90)

The idea of a completely new and innovative product called Phonobloc rail track was raised in 2012. The product uses the patented Phonobloc technology, which was developed by the Kirchdorfer Group within a FFG- and NÖ-funded research project. The main scope of the product concept was to develop low noise barrier elements, which on the one hand should be placed as close as possible to the source of noise (wheel-on-rail contact), directly installed on the planum, and on the other hand should not complicate the maintenance process. From the very beginning the acoustic planning process was accompanied by Psiacoustic. In a first step the acoustic effect of different types was investigated computationally within a feasibility study using simulations according to ISO 9613. To validate the results of the simulations, in-situ measurements were carried into execution at the Slovenian Railways near the village Njiverce. For these measurements, 80 Phonobloc rail track elements were placed for a length of 160m along the track. The noise emission of the trains was measured by an acoustic railway monitoring system, so called acramos® in four different microphon positions, according to EN ISO 3095. The acramos system permits the automatic and vehicle selective acquisition of noise emission data from trains in daily operation and includes an automatic data processing and automatic train categorisation, based on the axle pattern. In a first step, the noise emission was measured without the Phonobloc elements for a time period of two weeks, after mounting the elements, the measurements took place for a second time (with the same measurement setup). Additional to the pass-by levels, the 3rd octave spectra of each train category were described and evaluated. However, the noise reduction of the A-weighted pass-by level, in dependence on the different train categories, distances and heights, could verified up to 6dB.

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