Poroelastic Block Pavement as a Low Tyre/Road Noise Solution for Cities

Invited paper

Darko Kokot

ZAG Ljubljana

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 14:40 - 15:00

0.2 Berlin (90)

A road pavement surface, made of poroelastic material (PERS), shows excellent noise reducing qualities. In the forms we currently know, PERS material consists of an aggregate of rubber granules or fibres, often supplemented by friction-enhancing stone aggregates and a binder to hold the mix together. Early stage tests in Japan and Sweden show that noise reduction compared to the most common road pavements could reach 10 dB(A) or more. The specific feature of this new type of road surfacing is that when glued to paving blocks it makes a quiet and at the same time aesthetically pleasing surface. Such a block pavement forms a perfect low tyre/road noise solution to be used in cities, especially in their historic centres. Within the ongoing large European project PERSUADE (www.persuadeproject.eu), this special type of low-noise road pavement is being developed. The research in such pavement is focused on assuring noise reduction capability while solving wet skid resistance, which must be maintained at an acceptable level, and the stability of the system of blocks, which must be sufficient for a reasonable operating (life) time. In the first half of the project, two promising mixes have been developed in the laboratory. The first mixture was used to construct a short block pavement and is being tested in a small test field in town of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, already since September 2013. The second, improved mixture will form a surface of a pavement constructed in autumn 2014 nearby in a larger test track. The larger test track size will allow to follow the PERS block pavement behaviour through the winter 2014/15 and on, including noise performance, durability, skid resistance of surface and pavement stability. Having built- in two mixtures in the pavement surface of the neighbouring structures will allow following and comparing their performance as well.

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