Acoustic properties of composite lightweight structures

Invited paper

Edoardo Alessio Piana

University of Brescia

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 09:40 - 10:00

0.1 London (90)

Lightweight structures are of great importance not only in vehicles but also in many buildings. To meet a growing demand, a variety of different types of sandwich panels has been developed during the last few decades. The term “sandwich panel” here refers to a structure with a fairly thick lightweight core with thin laminates bonded to each side of either a foam or honeycomb core. This type of plate can combine low weight with high strength. However, for certain types of composite plates, the acoustic properties can be very poor. The absence of acoustic qualities can severely restrict the use of lightweight elements. It is therefore essential to optimize through prediction the acoustic properties of such structures. Some of the basic parameters of a sandwich structure can be determined by means of some simple tests using a beam element of the structure. Alternatively, the material parameters can be determined from simple point mobility measurements on a plate element. The apparent bending stiffness of a sandwich construction strongly depends on frequency and also on boundary conditions. Once the material properties are determined the sound transmission loss and sound radiation ratio can be predicted using some simple algorithms. The model can also be used for parameter studies of the influence on the sound transmission loss and radiation ratios due to changes of dimensions of laminates, core etc.

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