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Friday 3 july, 2015

  Amphi 3
Plenary lecture 6: Peter Coen

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Achieving Overland Supersonic Flight without Sonic Boom Disturbance
P. Coen
Perception of sonic boom

An investigation into the effect of playback environment on perception of sonic booms when heard indoors
D. Carr, P. Davies
10:20 Influence of chair vibrations on indoor sonic boom annoyance
J. Rathsam, J. Klos, A. Loubeau
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 A New Evaluation of Noise Metrics for Sonic Booms Using Existing Data
A. Loubeau, Y. Naka, B.G. Cook, V.W. Sparrow, J.M. Morgenstern
11:20 Understanding Sources of Uncertainty and Bias Error in Models of Human Response to Low Amplitude Sonic Booms
M. Collmar, B.G. Cook, R. Cowart, D. Freund, J. Gavin
11:40 Sonic boom industry panel
14:00 Q and A with Concorde/Air France experts
16:00 Concluding remarks
  Amphi 3