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Wednesday 1 july, 2015

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Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 3

3D Numerical Simulation of the Long Range Propagation of Acoustical Shock Waves Through a Heterogeneous and Moving Medium.
D. Luquet, R. Marchiano, F. Coulouvrat
Imaging and tissue characterization 2

Nonlinearity parameter B/A of biological tissue ultrasound imaging in echo mode
M. Toulemonde, F. Varray, A. Bernard, O. Basset, C. Cachard
9:20 Modeling of strongly-nonlinear wave propagation using the extended Rankine-Hugoniot shock relations
J.-W. Lee, W.-S. Ohm, W. Shim
Symmetry Analysis for Nonlinear Time Reversal methods applied to Nonlinear Acoustic Imaging
S. Dos Santos, J. Chaline
9:40 Time-domain simulation of constitutive relations for nonlinear acoustics including relaxation for frequency power law attenuation media modelling
N. Jimenez, F. Camarena, J. Redondo, V. Sanchez-Morcillo, E.E. Konofagou
Feasibility of Low-frequency Ultrasound Imaging Using Parametric Sound
H. Nomura, H. Adachi, T. Kamakura
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 1

Acoustic solitary waves in a lattice of Helmholtz resonators
B. Lombard, J.-F. Mercier, O. Richoux
10:00 Nonlinear Propagation and Decay of Intense Regular and Random Waves in Relaxing Media
S. Gurbatov, O. Rudenko, I. Demin
Focused Shear Shock Waves in Soft Solids and the Brain: Simulations and Experiments
B. Giammarinaro, F. Coulouvrat, G. Pinton
Nonlinear ultrasonic testing by Rayleigh waves on control of concrete cover – Application in thermal damage evaluation
Q.A. Vu, V. Garnier, C. Payan, J.-F. Chaix, M. Lott
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Plenary lecture 3: Robert Mettin

Bubble dynamics in high-power ultrasonic fields
R. Mettin
Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 4

Modeling elastic wave propagation in a solid with distributed damage and kissing bonds using the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method
O. Bou Matar, A. Trifonov, V. Aleshin
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 1

Simulation of blast wave propagation from source to long distance with topography and atmospheric effects
M. Nguyen-Dinh, O. Gainville, N. Lardjane
14:00 Evolution of bulk strain solitons in cylindrical inhomogeneous shells
A. Shvartz, A. Samsonov, G. Dreiden, I. Semenova
Modeling in biology and medicine

A model for acoustic vaporization of encapsulated droplets
F. Coulouvrat, M. Guédra
Revisiting Geometrical Shock Dynamics for blast wave propagation in complex environment
J. Ridoux, N. Lardjane, T. Gomez, F. Coulouvrat
14:20 Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Gaussian Artificial Viscosity on Graphical Processing Units for Nonlinear Acoustics
B. Tripathi, R. Marchiano, B. Sambandam, F. Coulouvrat
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Vapor Bubble Expanding in a Superheated Region of a Finite Size
E. Annenkova, W. Kreider, O. Sapozhnikov
Numerical Study of Heterogeneous Mean Temperature and Shock Wave in a Resonator
T. Yano
14:40 Simulation of the interaction between a bubble and a ultrasound wave by implementing a two-phase compressible solver adapted to low Mach number regime.
G. Huber, S. Tanguy, J.-C. Béra, B. Gilles
Numerical Study on the Effective Heating due to Inertial Cavitation in Microbubble-enhanced HIFU Therapy
K. Okita, K. Sugiyama, S. Takagi, Y. Matsumoto
Nonlinear reflection of a spherically divergent N-wave from a plane surface: optical interferometry measurements in air
M. Karzova, P. Yuldashev, S. Ollivier, V. Khokhlova, P. Blanc-Benon
15:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Plenary lecture 4: Igor Solodov

Resonant Acoustic Nonlinearity for Sensitive Defect-Selective Imaging and NDT
I. Solodov
General nonlinear acoustics 4

High Frequency calibration of MEMS microphones using spherical N-waves
S. Ollivier, C. Desjouy, P. Yuldashev, A. Koumela, E. Salze, M. Karzova, L. Rufer, P. Blanc-Benon
Non-destructive evaluation methods

Multimode Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (NRUS): From the 1D to 3D Characterization of the Elastic Nonlinearity
M. Remillieux, T. Ulrich, C. Lake, C. Payan, P.-Y. Le Bas
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 2

Numerical simulation of weakly nonlinear acoustic propagation in bubbly liquid
J.-B. Doc, J.-M. Conoir, R. Marchiano, D. Fuster
17:00 Acoustic emission and magnification of atomic lines resolution for laser breakdown of salt water in ultrasound field
A. Bulanov, I. Nagorny
Coda Wave Interferometry Technique for Nonlinear Defects' Localization in composite plates
A. Trifonov, O. Bou Matar, N. Smagin, V. Aleshin
Second-Harmonic Generation by a Single Layer of Bubbles
O. Lombard, C. Barriere, V. Leroy
17:20 Novel NWV Procedure for Characterizing Nonlinear Systems with Memory for Combating and Reducing the Curse of Dimensionality
A. Nuttall, R. Katz, D. Hughes, R. Koch
DAET Monitoring Targeting Quality Control of Complex Industrial Products Manufacturing
C. Trarieux, M. Defontaine, H. Moreschi, S. Callé
Cavitation inception by the backscattering of pressure waves from a bubble interface
H. Takahira, T. Ogasawara, N. Mori, M. Tanaka
17:40   Nonlinear Ultrasonic Phased Array Imaging of Closed Cracks Using Global Preheating and Local Cooling
Y. Ohara, K. Takahashi, Y. Ino, K. Yamanaka
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