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Monday 29 june, 2015

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14:50   Opening Ceremony  
Plenary lecture 1: Robin Cleveland

Nonlinear acoustics in biomedical ultrasound
R. Cleveland
General nonlinear acoustics 1

Standing Shear Waves in Anisotropic Viscoelastic Media
T. Krit, I. Golubkova, V. Andreev
Therapeutic applications 1

Histotripsy: Nonlinearities Essential for Therapeutic Lesion Formation
C. Cain
Thermoacoustics 1

Nonlinear Diffusion-Wave Equation for a Gas in a Regenerator Subject to Temperature Gradient
N. Sugimoto
16:40 Second-Harmonic Generation in Shear Wave Beams with Different Polarizations
K. Spratt, Y. Ilinskii, E. Zabolotskaya, M. Hamilton
Magnetoacoustic Nonlinear Waves in a Heat-Releasing Plasma
D. Ryashchikov, N. Molevich, D. Zavershinskiy
17:00 Effect of Nanostructuring on the Elastic Properties of Aluminum Alloy AMg6.
V. Prokhorov, A. Korobov, A. Kokshaiskii, S. Perfilov, A. Volkov
Use of Shock-Wave Heating for Faster and Safer Ablation of Tissue Volumes in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy
V. Khokhlova, P. Yuldashev, I. Sinilshchikov, A. Partanen, T. Khokhlova, N. Farr, W. Kreider, A. Maxwell, O. Sapozhnikov
Lagrangian description of energy conversion in the Taconis oscillations
K. Ishii, S. Adachi, H. Hayashi, I. Menshov
17:20 Application of Weak Shock Theory to Transient Plane Shear Waves
J. Cormack, M. Hamilton
Nonlinear effects in ultrasound fields of diagnostic-type transducers used for kidney stone propulsion: characterization in water and derating to clinically relevant depth in tissue
M. Karzova, B. Cunitz, P. Yuldashev, Y. Andriyakhina, W. Kreider, O. Sapozhnikov, M. Bailey, V. Khokhlova
Experiments on the acoustic solitary wave generated thermoacoustically in a looped tube
D. Shimizu, N. Sugimoto
17:40   Quantitative Assessment of Reactive Oxygen Species Generation by Cavitation Incepted Efficiently Using Nonlinear Propagation Effect
Y. Jun, S. Yoshizawa, S.-I. Umemura
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Tuesday 30 june, 2015

  Amphi 1 bis Amphi 2 Amphi 3
Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 1

Three dimensional full-wave nonlinear acoustic simulations: applications to ultrasound imaging
G. Pinton
Therapeutic applications 2

Enhancement of Cavitation Inception by Second-harmonic Superimposition for Focused Ultrasound Treatment
S.-I. Umemura, S. Yoshizawa, R. Takagi, J. Yasuda
Thermoacoustics 2

Analogy between the One-dimensional Acoustic Waveguide and the Electrical Transmission Line in the Cases of Nonlinearity and Relaxation
D. Yang, H. Zhang, S. Shi, J. Shi, D. Li, B. Hu
9:20 Numerical Modelling of Nonlinear Full-Wave Acoustic Propagation
P.L. Rendón, R. Velasco
Suppression of Oscillations in a Coupled Thermoacoustic Oscillators
T. Biwa
9:40 GPU Simulation of Nonlinear Propagation of Dual Band Ultrasound Pulse Complexes
J. Kvam, B. Angelsen, A. Elster
Numerical Study of a Confocal Ultrasonic Setup for Creation of Cavitation
M. Lafond, F. Chavrier, F. Prieur, J.-L. Mestas, C. Lafon
Theoretical Study of a Thermo-acousto-electric Engine equipped with an Electroacoustic Feedback Loop
C. Olivier, G. Penelet, G. Poignand, P. Lotton
10:00 Simulation of Nonlinear Ultrasound Wave Propagation in Fourier Domain
F. Varray, O. Basset, C. Cachard
Enhanced focus steering abilities of multi-element therapeutic arrays operating in nonlinear regimes
P. Yuldashev, S. Ilyin, L. Gavrilov, O. Sapozhnikov, W. Kreider, V. Khokhlova
Evolution equation of subcritical Hopf bifurcation in thermoacoustic oscillations
H. Hyodo, T. Biwa
10:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Plenary lecture 2: Vincent Tournat

Nonlinear acoustic wave processes in granular media
V. Tournat
General nonlinear acoustics 2

Fatigue Crack Detection based on Change of Linear Ultrasonic Features caused by Structural Nonlinearity
H.J. Lim, H. Sohn
Radiation force in biology and medicine

Nonlinear Aspects of Acoustic Radiation Force in Biomedical Applications
L. Ostrovsky, S. Tsyuryupa, A. Sarvazyan
Thermoacoustics 3

Oscillating viscous boundary layer at high Reynolds number : Experiments and numerical calculations
I. Reyt, H. Bailliet, E. Foucault, J.-C. Valière
14:00 Finite Element Modeling of the Non Collinear Mixing Method for Detection and Characterization of Closed Cracks
P. Blanloeuil, A. Meziane
Effect of particle-particle interactions on the acoustic radiation force in an ultrasonic standing wave
B. Lipkens, Y. Ilinskii, E. Zabolotskaya
Measurements of acoustic minor loss in a tube with geometrical irregularities
Y. Ueda, S. Yonemitsu, T. Saito
14:20 Numerical and Experimental Analysis of harmonic generation method for detection of closed cracks
A. Saidoun, A. Meziane, M. Rénier, F. Zhang, H. Walaszek
Acoustic Radiation Force due to Arbitrary Incident Fields on Spherical Particles in Soft Tissue
B. Treweek, Y. Ilinskii, E. Zabolotskaya, M. Hamilton
LDV measurements of Rayleigh streaming in narrow channels
R. Bessis, H. Bailliet, I. Reyt, J.-C. Valière
14:40 Nonlinear Ultrasonic Imaging of Thermal Fatigue Cracks of Several Tens nm Gap in Glass Plates
M. Hertl, K. Kawashima, K. Sekino, H. Yasui, T. Aida
Experimental Study of Acoustic Radiation Force of an Ultrasound Beam on Absorbing and Scattering Objects
A. Nikolaeva, M. Kryzhanovskiy, S. Tsysar, W. Kreider, O. Sapozhnikov
New Method to Increase the Energy Conversion Efficiency of Thermoacoustic Engine.
A. Kido, S.-I. Sakamoto, K. Taga, Y. Watanabe
15:00 Coffee Break / Poster Session Coffee Break / Poster Session Coffee Break / Poster Session
General nonlinear acoustics 3

Acoustic Streaming Jets: a Scaling and Dimensional Analysis.
V. Botton, B. Moudjed, D. Henry, S. Millet, H. Ben Hadid, J.-P. Garandet
Imaging and tissue characterization 1

Ultrasound Contrast Agent Imaging: Real-time Imaging of the Superharmonics
D. Peruzzini, J. Viti, P. Tortoli, M. Verweij, N. De Jong, H. Vos
Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 2

The development of a hybrid finite difference solution of the Westervelt equation using the Fast Nearfield Method as a boundary condition for focused sources
K. Bader, C. Holland
16:20 Inertial effects on non linear acoustic streaming
V. Daru, D. Baltean-Carlès, C. Weisman
Cumulative Phase Delay Imaging - a new contrast enhanced ultrasound modality
L. Demi, R.J.G. Van Sloun, H. Wijkstra, M. Mischi
A boundary condition to the Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya equation for modeling strongly focused nonlinear ultrasound fields
P. Rosnitskiy, P. Yuldashev, V. Khokhlova
16:40 Control of droplet temperature on disposable digital microfluidic system based on acoustic streaming
J. Kondoh, N. Ohashi
Experimental Study of Transmission of a Pulsed Focused Beam through a Skull Phantom in Nonlinear Regime
S. Tsysar, A. Nikolaeva, V. Svet, V. Khokhlova, P. Yuldashev, O. Sapozhnikov
Acoustic characterization of high intensity focused ultrasound fields generated from a transmitter with a large aperture
D. Zhang, T. Fan
17:00 Tunable Optical Lens Array Using Viscoelastic Material and Acoustic Radiation Force
D. Koyama, Y. Kashihara, M. Hatanaka, K. Nakamura, M. Matsukawa
Simulation of nonlinear propagation of biomedical ultrasound using PZFlex and the KZK Texas code
S. Qiao, E. Jackson, R. Cleveland
Experimental Validation of Computational Models for Large-scale Nonlinear Ultrasound Simulations in Heterogeneous, Absorbing Fluid Media
E. Martin, B. Treeby
17:20 Pitch Glide Effect Induced by a Nonlinear String—Barrier Interaction
D. Kartofelev, A. Stulov, V. Välimäki
Ultrasound Tissue Characterization: Comparison of Statistical Results using Fundamental and Harmonic Signals
F. Lin, A. Cristea, C. Cachard, O. Basset
A robust time-base transformation scheme for computing waveform deformation during nonlinear propagation of ultrasound
B. De Graaf, S.B. Raghunathan, M.D. Verweij
17:40     Efficient, Adaptive Mesh Distributions for Spectral Methods Applied to Nonlinear Acoustics
E. Wise, B. Cox, B. Treeby
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Tuesday 30 june, 2015: 15:00 -
Poster session

Acoustic field distribution of sawtooth wave with nonlinear SBE model
X. Liu, L. Zhang, X. Wang, X. Gong
Axial acoustic radiation force on a sphere in a Gaussian beam
R. Wu, X. Liu, X. Gong
Sound beam manipulation based on temperature gradients
F. Qian, L. Quan, X. Liu, X. Gong
Acoustic Characteristics of the Medium with Gradient Change of Impedance
B. Hu, D. Yang, Y. Sun, J. Shi, S. Shi, H. Zhang
Elastic Waves in a Wedge of Aluminum Alloy with Permanent Residual Deformations
A. Korobov, M. Izossimova, A. Kokshaiskii
Influence of a low flow rate on an acoustic cavitation bubble cloud
A. Seck, C. Inserra, S. Ollivier, J.-C. Béra, P. Blanc-Benon
Flow Velocity Measurement with the Nonlinear Acoustic Wave Scattering
I. Didenkulov, N. Pronchatov-Rubtsov
Experimental Nonlinearity in Soft Crystals
N. Vilchinska
Nonlinear Interaction of Air Bubbles and Ultrasonic Field: an Analysis of some Physical Aspects
C. Vanhille, C. Campos-Pozuelo
Laser velocimetry for non-linear acoustics : an overview over two decades of research
J.-C. Valière, H. Bailliet
Numerical Investigation of Bubble Nonlinear Dynamics Characteristics
J. Shi, D. Yang, H. Zhang, S. Shi, B. Hu, S. Jin

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Wednesday 1 july, 2015

  Amphi 1 bis Amphi 2 Amphi 3
Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 3

3D Numerical Simulation of the Long Range Propagation of Acoustical Shock Waves Through a Heterogeneous and Moving Medium.
D. Luquet, R. Marchiano, F. Coulouvrat
Imaging and tissue characterization 2

Nonlinearity parameter B/A of biological tissue ultrasound imaging in echo mode
M. Toulemonde, F. Varray, A. Bernard, O. Basset, C. Cachard
9:20 Modeling of strongly-nonlinear wave propagation using the extended Rankine-Hugoniot shock relations
J.-W. Lee, W.-S. Ohm, W. Shim
Symmetry Analysis for Nonlinear Time Reversal methods applied to Nonlinear Acoustic Imaging
S. Dos Santos, J. Chaline
9:40 Time-domain simulation of constitutive relations for nonlinear acoustics including relaxation for frequency power law attenuation media modelling
N. Jimenez, F. Camarena, J. Redondo, V. Sanchez-Morcillo, E.E. Konofagou
Feasibility of Low-frequency Ultrasound Imaging Using Parametric Sound
H. Nomura, H. Adachi, T. Kamakura
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 1

Acoustic solitary waves in a lattice of Helmholtz resonators
B. Lombard, J.-F. Mercier, O. Richoux
10:00 Nonlinear Propagation and Decay of Intense Regular and Random Waves in Relaxing Media
S. Gurbatov, O. Rudenko, I. Demin
Focused Shear Shock Waves in Soft Solids and the Brain: Simulations and Experiments
B. Giammarinaro, F. Coulouvrat, G. Pinton
Nonlinear ultrasonic testing by Rayleigh waves on control of concrete cover – Application in thermal damage evaluation
Q.A. Vu, V. Garnier, C. Payan, J.-F. Chaix, M. Lott
10:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Plenary lecture 3: Robert Mettin

Bubble dynamics in high-power ultrasonic fields
R. Mettin
Computational methods in Nonlinear Acoustics 4

Modeling elastic wave propagation in a solid with distributed damage and kissing bonds using the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method
O. Bou Matar, A. Trifonov, V. Aleshin
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 1

Simulation of blast wave propagation from source to long distance with topography and atmospheric effects
M. Nguyen-Dinh, O. Gainville, N. Lardjane
14:00 Evolution of bulk strain solitons in cylindrical inhomogeneous shells
A. Shvartz, A. Samsonov, G. Dreiden, I. Semenova
Modeling in biology and medicine

A model for acoustic vaporization of encapsulated droplets
F. Coulouvrat, M. Guédra
Revisiting Geometrical Shock Dynamics for blast wave propagation in complex environment
J. Ridoux, N. Lardjane, T. Gomez, F. Coulouvrat
14:20 Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Gaussian Artificial Viscosity on Graphical Processing Units for Nonlinear Acoustics
B. Tripathi, R. Marchiano, B. Sambandam, F. Coulouvrat
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Vapor Bubble Expanding in a Superheated Region of a Finite Size
E. Annenkova, W. Kreider, O. Sapozhnikov
Numerical Study of Heterogeneous Mean Temperature and Shock Wave in a Resonator
T. Yano
14:40 Simulation of the interaction between a bubble and a ultrasound wave by implementing a two-phase compressible solver adapted to low Mach number regime.
G. Huber, S. Tanguy, J.-C. Béra, B. Gilles
Numerical Study on the Effective Heating due to Inertial Cavitation in Microbubble-enhanced HIFU Therapy
K. Okita, K. Sugiyama, S. Takagi, Y. Matsumoto
Nonlinear reflection of a spherically divergent N-wave from a plane surface: optical interferometry measurements in air
M. Karzova, P. Yuldashev, S. Ollivier, V. Khokhlova, P. Blanc-Benon
15:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Plenary lecture 4: Igor Solodov

Resonant Acoustic Nonlinearity for Sensitive Defect-Selective Imaging and NDT
I. Solodov
General nonlinear acoustics 4

High Frequency calibration of MEMS microphones using spherical N-waves
S. Ollivier, C. Desjouy, P. Yuldashev, A. Koumela, E. Salze, M. Karzova, L. Rufer, P. Blanc-Benon
Non-destructive evaluation methods

Multimode Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (NRUS): From the 1D to 3D Characterization of the Elastic Nonlinearity
M. Remillieux, T. Ulrich, C. Lake, C. Payan, P.-Y. Le Bas
Nonlinear propagation in heteregeneous media 2

Numerical simulation of weakly nonlinear acoustic propagation in bubbly liquid
J.-B. Doc, J.-M. Conoir, R. Marchiano, D. Fuster
17:00 Acoustic emission and magnification of atomic lines resolution for laser breakdown of salt water in ultrasound field
A. Bulanov, I. Nagorny
Coda Wave Interferometry Technique for Nonlinear Defects' Localization in composite plates
A. Trifonov, O. Bou Matar, N. Smagin, V. Aleshin
Second-Harmonic Generation by a Single Layer of Bubbles
O. Lombard, C. Barriere, V. Leroy
17:20 Novel NWV Procedure for Characterizing Nonlinear Systems with Memory for Combating and Reducing the Curse of Dimensionality
A. Nuttall, R. Katz, D. Hughes, R. Koch
DAET Monitoring Targeting Quality Control of Complex Industrial Products Manufacturing
C. Trarieux, M. Defontaine, H. Moreschi, S. Callé
Cavitation inception by the backscattering of pressure waves from a bubble interface
H. Takahira, T. Ogasawara, N. Mori, M. Tanaka
17:40   Nonlinear Ultrasonic Phased Array Imaging of Closed Cracks Using Global Preheating and Local Cooling
Y. Ohara, K. Takahashi, Y. Ino, K. Yamanaka
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Thursday 2 july, 2015

  Amphi 1 bis Amphi 2 Amphi 3
Bubbles and cavitation 1

Theory and experimental demonstration of a single beam acoustical tweezers
D. Baresch, J.-L. Thomas, R. Marchiano
Solids and soft matter

Soil Plate Oscillator: Modeling Nonlinear Mesoscopic Elastic Behavior and Hysteresis in Nonlinear Acoustic Landmine Detection
M.S. Korman, D.V. Duong, A.E. Kalsbeek
9:20 Rotating small solid objects in liquids by a focused vortex ultrasound beam
O. Sapozhnikov, M. Terzi, A. Nikolaeva, S. Tsysar, A. Maxwell
Nonlinear propagation in fluids 1

Propagation of acoustic shock waves between parallel rigid boundaries and into shadow zones
C. Desjouy, S. Ollivier, O. Marsden, D. Dragna, P. Blanc-Benon
9:40 Theoretical investigation of the mechanisms involved in the modification of the cavitation threshold by multifrequency excitations
M. Guédra, C. Desjouy, C. Inserra, J.-C. Béra, B. Gilles
Benchmark problems for long range atmospheric infrasound propagation
R. Sabatini, O. Marsden, C. Bogey, C. Bailly
3D TREND for crack orientation characterization
P.-Y. Le Bas, T. Ulrich, B. Anderson
10:00   Quantitative nonlinearity analysis of model-scale jet noise
K.G. Miller, B.O. Reichman, K.L. Gee, T.B. Neilsen, A.A. Atchley
Bulk strain solitons in rods, plates and shells
A. Samsonov, G. Dreiden, I. Semenova, A. Shvartz
10:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Plenary lecture 5: Douglas Drob

Infrasound remote sensing of the atmosphere
D. Drob
Bubbles and cavitation 2

Acoustic wave equation in bubbly liquid
B. Miao, Y. An
Nonlinear propagation in fluids 2

Development of Nonlinear Acoustic Propagation Analysis Tool toward Realization of Loud Noise Environment in Aeronautics
M. Kanamori, T. Takahashi, T. Aoyama
Granular media 1

Irreversible Nonlinear Sound-Matter Interaction in Granular Media
X. Jia
14:00 Dynamics of an aspherical bubble oscillating near a rigid sphere
E. Kurihara
Structures of lee waves over combined topography
N. Makarenko, J. Maltseva, A. Cherevko
14:20 Nonlinear activity of acoustically driven gas bubble near a rigid boundary
A. Maksimov
  Modeling of non-linear interaction of waves in rocks‬
C. Larmat, R. Guyer, P.-Y. Le Bas, P. Johnson, J. Tencate
14:40 Derivation of the nonlinearity parameter B/A of saturated, unconsolidated marine sediments via a statistical approach
H. Lee, E. Noh, W.-S. Ohm, O.-C. Kwon
  Modulation of P-waves by S-waves in rocks
A. Malcolm, J. Ten Cate, X. Feng, M. Fehler
15:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Sonic boom propagation

Lateral Cutoff Analysis and Results from NASA’s Farfield Investigation of No-boom Thresholds
L. Cliatt, M. Hill, E. Haering, S. Arnac
Granular media 2

Slow Dynamics in Granular Media: Theoretical Models and Experiments
P. Johnson, A. Lebedev, L. Ostrovsky, J. Riviere
16:00   Numerical Model of Sonic Boom in 3D Kinematic Turbulence.
F. Coulouvrat, D. Luquet, R. Marchiano
In Situ Acoustoelastic Testing: A Passive Monitoring Approach to Study Crustal and Fault Zone Rocks
G. Hillers
16:20   Measured N-Wave Sonic Boom Events and Sensitivity in Sonic Boom Metrics
J. Palmer, V.W. Sparrow
Observations of the Nonlinear Interaction of Two Waves Intersecting at Angles in Earth Materials
J. Ten Cate, P.-Y. Le Bas, C. Larmat, P. Johnson, R. Guyer
16:40   Closing Ceremony  
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Friday 3 july, 2015

  Amphi 3
Plenary lecture 6: Peter Coen

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Achieving Overland Supersonic Flight without Sonic Boom Disturbance
P. Coen
Perception of sonic boom

An investigation into the effect of playback environment on perception of sonic booms when heard indoors
D. Carr, P. Davies
10:20 Influence of chair vibrations on indoor sonic boom annoyance
J. Rathsam, J. Klos, A. Loubeau
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 A New Evaluation of Noise Metrics for Sonic Booms Using Existing Data
A. Loubeau, Y. Naka, B.G. Cook, V.W. Sparrow, J.M. Morgenstern
11:20 Understanding Sources of Uncertainty and Bias Error in Models of Human Response to Low Amplitude Sonic Booms
M. Collmar, B.G. Cook, R. Cowart, D. Freund, J. Gavin
11:40 Sonic boom industry panel
14:00 Q and A with Concorde/Air France experts
16:00 Concluding remarks
  Amphi 3